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PE Teachers Collaboration: Sekolah Global Indo-Asia Batam and Chatsworth International School - Orchard Campus

Objectives of the visit: broaden our knowledge about PE learning, observe the processes of sports learning methods at the Chatsworth International School, and have a look at the sports facilities and equipment at the Chatsworth International School. During this visit, we were very grateful to Sekolah Global Indo-Asia because we were sent to Singapore Chatsworth International School. We got a lot of new knowledge there, especially about the IB curriculum. We met with PE Teacher, Mr. Mathew Jones, and he was a former rugby player from the UK. When we first met our discussion about PE learning, he was a friendly and kind person, he wanted to share his experience as a PE teacher, and after recounting his experience as a PE teacher he shared the lesson plan and also the assessment in PE learning. He elaborated on how he implemented the concept of learning and the assessment in PE as well. Our school visit to Chatsworth International School, Singapore was a privilege

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