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A ‘Nest’ of inspiration!
For children a ‘Reggio Inspired’ provocation is an open ended activity that doesn’t have a prescribed outcome, instead it is designed to stimulate ideas, initiative and imagination for and amongst children, whether they choose to explore their ideas alone or in groups.

Journey into Early Childhood defines provocations as
“deliberate and thoughtful decisions made by the teacher to extend the ideas of the children. Teachers provide materials, media, and general direction as needed, but the children take the ideas where they want. This allows children to develop skills of creativity, inventiveness and flexibility in thinking, planning and reflecting.” Source
Finding a hidden scroll in your classroom, with a note left from the main character of the story you just read, pleading with you to build her a new nest was an exciting way to commence our Sharing the Planet unit this week in Year 3.

This provocation sparked students thinking about our related concepts of i…

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