Welcome to the Red Dot blog!

Welcome to the  Singapore-Malaysia-Batam PYP Network blog - The Red Dot! 
It is a constant endeavour of the PYP Coordinators' network in Singapore, Malaysia and Batam to provide an opportunity and space for learning, collaboration, reflection and growth for its community members as well as provide a means to connect to the larger community. Our network newsletter, The Red Dot, was set-up in 2011 for this purpose. It provided our educators with an opportunity to share their practices with the wider community. Thanks to its hard-working editorial team and the ever enthusiastic contributors it worked well.
This October, the Red Dot newsletter is getting the proverbial 'facelift' and it is with pride that we present to you the Red Dot PYP Network Blog!
Every new project starts with wonderings and questions; so did this idea. 
Why a blog? What happens to the newsletter? But it is working fine....why re-invent the wheel? Will this work? How will it work? Who will manage it? ... 
We wondered about these changes. It is certainly easy to stick with the wheel that is definitely working. But how do we ensure that the written word and the passionately shared practices do not remain as a mere email attachment that are read once over and then get lost in the inbox? How do we ensure that practices are shared as and when the educators are all fired up, instead of waiting till when the newsletter is due? How do we ensure that educators can access this shared space from anywhere in the world?
We have decided to be courageous role-models and take the risk of setting up this blog instead of the newsletter. We hope that this will gain momentum and will become a space for sharing our wonderings, our practices and ideas with the broader PYP community. The articles on the blog will be personal journeys, learning and reflections and would not be endorsed by the network or the IB. Educators interested in contributing to this blog need to get in touch with their PYP Coordinators. 
We are indebted to Justin Potter for initiating the idea and taking on the responsibility of setting up the blog. Thank you Justin!
It is a special year, as the Global Goals are being launched by the world leaders. Quality education and lifelong learning need to be a way of life, if we are to meet these goals. Here's hoping that The Red Dot PYP Blog becomes a small yet important cog in the wheel of lifelong learning for our ever growing PYP community.
Happy learning and sharing! 

Atima Joshi
Network Chair
Singapore-Malaysia-Batam PYP Coordinators' Network 


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