Celebrating Learning through Celebrations

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” 
― Stephen R. Covey


International Mindedness: The children in the K 1 Pandas class promoted internationalism by celebrating different festivals in the class and being inclusive and embracing peers of all nations, languages and cultures. Celebrations like these help to increase children’s awareness and sensitivity to the experiences of other cultures.

The parents also contributed by participating, organising, executing these celebration events and helping us understand their culture better!

Chinese New Year – It was a visual treat to see our children dressed in vibrant, colourful Chinese attire.
Chinese New Year Performance

Book Week - As part of Celebration, many parents came to our class and read stories in
their mother tongue.

Book Week- Children dressed as their favourite characters.
Parent reading a story in Korean to children.

Earth Day- The children in K 1 Pandas class celebrated by taking action. They used the recycled material to make musical instruments for our school assembly. They felt that it was a good choice to use non-toxic and eco friendly things.
Earth Day- Children using recycled Yakult bottles to make shakers(musical instruments).

Japanese festival Hinamatsuri and Children’s day- The children had a fabulous and informative session. The children enjoyed the pictorial representation of the Doll festival, singing the songs associated with it, listening to the story, tasting Japanese snacks and
finally the origami session!

Japanese Children's Day- Japanese mum was extremely appealing and animated in her explanations and the children paid rapt attention.
Japanese parents sharing about the Doll festival followed by an origami session.
Japanese parents sharing snacks during Tanabata Festival.

Hari Raya- Children had great fun clapping and dancing to the Malay tunes.
Hari Raya-Children dressed in traditional Malay costumes.

Racial Harmony Day – The children celebrated Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures. Everybody including the teachers dressed up in their beautiful National costumes.
Racial Harmony Day

National Day – On 8th August, the order of the day was red and white enthused with National spirit and love for Singapore.
National Day Assembly

Celebrations help children to be Open Minded, understand different perspectives and understand that people speak different languages, have different cultures and beliefs that need to be treated with respect.


Asmita Sharma

K1 Teacher

Etonhouse Pre-School, Newton


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