Celebrating our Learning Journey (PYP UOI Exhibition) 
November 27th, 2015

Everyday is an active learning day for every student in Hillside World Academy. Sometimes, it’s nice to take some time to look back and celebrate our learning journey.  The Nursery, K1, Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers and students had an opportunity to do just that during the UOI Exhibition, which was held from November 9th to 13th 2015, in the Town Hall.

The exhibition started with a festive feel as the Nursery had set up a booth with a big “Happy Birthday” sign. They are currently learning about “how celebrations mark important events in our lives”. Some of the highlights were a beautiful tray of cupcakes, a centerpiece made out of paper craft showcasing their creativity and their number/maths skills as well as an adorable video of all of them singing “Happy Birthday” in several languages.

The second station showcased the K1 students’ work and the activities they did to have a good understanding about “how people live in different ways in different countries.” They had photos demonstrating their learning experiences from different parts of the world i.e. exploring a vast variety of food, wearing traditional clothes, playing sports and games and learning traditional dances

The third station challenged our belief systems as the Grade 1 students posed the question, “Is it nature or nurture that shape us?” It was interesting reading their personal thoughts on the matter and their points on why nature or nurture is more important in shaping who we are. Their art gallery of their self-portraits was eye catching and they also came up with a ‘me commercial’ video, which showed their confidence and honesty.


The Grade 2 students created a big road map and different means of transportation made out of recycled materials, which the younger visitors of the exhibition really enjoyed playing with.  They learnt about how “moving people around require planning and organization.”

Overall, it has been a creative event that served as a good opportunity for the HWA community to see how inquiry happens in different classes and also, for the children to take pride in their work and reflect upon all the learning engagements they took part in. 

Families and staff who visited left us with their feedback, some comments were "I thought it was great display of the learning that takes place, and the various ways learning happens. It is also a great opportunity for the children to realize their own efforts and deepen their understanding. Congratulations to all students and teachers involved!" and  "Really good job on the multi-dimensional exhibit for the G2. I think the map (2-D) + the vehicles (3-D) + writings were all of good quality and demonstrated the students effort and meticulousness."

Ms. Eda Go 
Kindergarten Coordinator
Hillside World Academy


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